Is a Martini Still a Martini Without an Olive?

If we keep it simple and keep it classy, there’s really nothing to ponder here.  The answer is an emphatic “NO!”   A glass of gin is an absurdity until you add the olive.  In fact, some believe that the … Continue reading

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Awesome Autumn Olives

You have to try these! I did a trial run before the big Halloween buffet and these are awesome!  It took all of ten minutes from opening the can of olives to completion.   All you need is one of … Continue reading

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Create!…Think Halloween

Because we live in a great “Trick or Treat” neighborhood, every Halloween our friends come over with their kids.  The kids go trick-or-treating while the adults graze on a buffet and take turns greeting the ghouls, goblins and ghosts.   … Continue reading

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The Perfect Martini

Ah, the quest for the perfect martini.  Martini’s are a classy drink for classy people.  Think Sinatra and The Rat Pack…Ian Fleming and James Bond…William Powel in The Thin Man. Let’s make one thing perfectly clear from the start.  The … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Olive Express !

WELCOME to the OEB – The Olive Express Blog! Here we will keep you updated on our product, The Olive Express…the ORIGINAL olive stuffer! It was 2002.  Marty Marcuccilli strayed from his favorite watering hole to imbibe in a martini … Continue reading

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