Welcome to The Olive Express !

WELCOME to the OEB – The Olive Express Blog!

Here we will keep you updated on our product, The Olive Express…the ORIGINAL olive stuffer!

It was 2002.  Marty Marcuccilli strayed from his favorite watering hole to imbibe in a martini at a chic, urban bar.  It was there that he watched the bar maid clumsily stuff blue cheese in his martini olive…..with her finger nail!

They say that “necessity is the mother of invention”.  Marty begs to differ with you.  The Olive Express is an ingenious product that was born to stuff an olive with blue cheese.  Today, The Olive Express is the sophisticated stuffer for olives…..and beyond!

See how The Olive Express has transformed this tedious task to being quick and easy.  Watch the video.  See Marty, the inventor of the ORIGINAL olive stuffer.  Buy The Olive Express today!




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