Awesome Autumn Olives

You have to try these! I did a trial run before the big Halloween buffet and these are awesome!  It took all of ten minutes from opening the can of olives to completion.

All you need is one of the small containers of cheddar cheese spread, and a couple of cans of JUMBO black olives.


The Olive Express olive stuffer works well with the cheddar cheese spread.  Just push it in the cheese, insert in olive and press.  I had to do this twice for each olive…..the JUMBO’s are pretty big…..but well worth the extra shot.


Here’s a picture I took.  I just arranged some cucumber slices, red peppers and crackers on a plate.  We munched on these for lunch today.  Wish I would have had more.  (I only had one can of olives.)  The kids gobbled them up!

Because these are so easy, and so yummy, and so “appropriately-autumn” with the orange and black colors, AWESOME AUTUMN OLIVES are going on my table all through the fall season.  These should really be great for Thanksgiving, too!


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